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About Us

The vision of Beacon of Hope is to be the first choice for families in St. Augustine who are seeking a Christ-centered, college-preparatory education.

The purpose of Beacon of Hope Christian School is to provide academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. Beacon of Hope fosters those ideals and standards that are consistent with an understanding and acceptance of the lordship of Jesus Christ.


We as Christian educators seek to work together with the parents and the Holy Spirit. We stand before our children as examples of living curriculum. Knowledge and truth are more than the remembrance of facts and information. From a Biblical perspective, when a student truly learns the precepts of God, his life will be changed. The focus of our ministry is the students and to see their lives reflect the development of Christ-like behavior. We use the means and methods of education to disciple the students academically and spiritually. Our school exists to glorify God and to teach children this attitude of praise for God as a natural part of learning.

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose is to create and maintain a Christ-Centered and an Educational atmosphere where students can serve Christ and be prepared for their future through a great education.


We are a direct ministry of Lighthouse Church of God.  If you would like to learn more please check out our website.

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