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Tuition and Fees

Registration fee - $150

Elementary Tuition - $6550.00/year (Elementary) or $6550.00/10 months = 655.00/month

MS/HS Tuition - $6800.00/year (MS/HS) or $6800.00/10 months = 680.00/month

*Monthly Payments - First tuition payment is due August 1st and last payment May 1st.

Student Fees:

K5-5th $350.00 (payable on July 1st/will hold a spot until Aug. 1st)

6th-8th $400.00 (payable on July 1st/will hold a spot until Aug. 1st)

9th-12th $450.00 (payable on July 1st/will hold a spot until Aug. 1st)

(Student fees are used for book usage, testing, media/library, insurance premiums, etc. No discounts will be given on registration or student fees. Tuition, registration, and student fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.)

Technology Fee/School Improvement Fee - $400 per student

Transportation Fee - $1,500.00 yearly for round trip. $750 yearly for one way. All transportation requests need to be submitted prior to August 1st. There is a limited transportation route, and it is based on location and demand.

Additional Fees: 


MS/HS Sports Fees - $100/sport

Polo uniform shirts – child sizes- $18; adult sizes- $21

Eagle Spirit Shirt- child sizes- $15; adult sizes- $18

Uniform jackets- $50

Eagle sweatshirts - $40

Eagle hoodie - $50

Planner - $25

Lab fees - $50/semester

MS/HS Music Fee - $50/semester  

Art fee - $30/year

Field Trip Fee - $100 (may vary)

Elem. Music Fee - $25/semester 

Yearbook Fee - $50

Testing Fee - $100

Service Plan/ESE - $800/year

Service Plan/ESE Specified Supplemental Programs - $1,000

Special Needs Educational Equipment - $1,000

Supplemental Education Supplies - $100

(Fees may vary based on student needs.)

Graduation Fees:

K-5 $45 

5th Grade $50 

8th Grade $60 

12th Grade $175 

After School Tutoring - $750 per semester or $25 per hour

Summer Enrichment/Credit Recovery/Tutoring Intervention - $25 per hour

Lunch - $4.00 (K-3rd grade) and $ 4.50 (4th-12th) Lunch much be ordered and purchased through the student's MSW account. 

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