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Academic Bowl

Students can participate in one of the most exciting academic competitions in the country.  The CGACS Academic Bowl!  Students face off against other students in areas such as math, writing, poetry, general knowledge, art, bible, and sports.


Field Trips

Students participate in a number of hands on experiences throughout the year.  We believe education should be more than just pen and paper but hands on activities.  These are learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom.

Hands on Learning

Many of our classes provide a hands on learning environment to see concepts working in real life, not just on a page.  Some of our most recent projects include shark dissection, rockets, and launching a ping-pong ball over the speed of sound.

We also have a science fair you can register for here



Students engage not only in weekly student led chapel services but also worship.  Students who leave our worship team are prepared to step out and lead worship in any setting.  Both vocal and instrumental talent are fostered and a Holy Spirit led style is key.


Student Government

We have a robust and active Student Government Association.  With a President, Vice-President, Speaker, and Cabinet. Students learn about leadership and teamwork firsthand.  They help to provide leadership and ideas for many of our special events through the year.  

Dual Enrollment

Students are able to participate in courses for both high school and college credit through St. Johns River State College and First Coast Technical college.  This provides an opportunity get ahead in college before the student ever graduates from high school.

Praize Dance

For our elementary students, a chance to learn some basic dance skills and worship God at the same time.  

We will perform during chapel occasionally, and at different events throughout the year.

Praize Dance Poster.jpg


Sports are a great way for our middle school and high school students to participate in an extra curricular activity and grow their character and physical development. 

We have volleyball for the ladies in the fall and we have basketball for the boys in the winter. 

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