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Beacon of Hope Christian School was founded in 1999 under the vision of LaVoy Newton.  The school opened its doors that August with an initial enrollment of 18 students stretching from kindergarten to second grade at Lighthouse Church of God.  Even as it seemed impossible for them to continue in this building long-term, they stretched every resource and expanded a grade each year until 2003 when they moved to their current location on Kings Estate Road.  In June 2010 BHCS graduated their first class with 7 seniors.  Though it seemed impossible, God has worked many miracles at Beacon of Hope through the years, and we know that the best is yet to come!  The future is bright.  Will you write the next chapter in our history?


Each student is encouraged to go beyond learning to righteous living. Education involves the nurturing and training of the whole person. Education is both life and the preparation for life in that its end-result should be the growth of the individual: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Therefore, true education must involve an integration of faith and learning. All subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective and integrated across disciplinary lines relating information in its real context so the student is able to make the necessary connections that lead to true understanding, wisdom, and ultimately right living.

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